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Mrs. Maheswary Velupillai
Mrs. Saraswathi Sivayoganathan
Mr. Indran Shanmugalingam
Mr. Ramalingam Rajaradnam
Mr. Chellaiah Satcunsingam
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   :: More Info about:  Sathiyaseelan Sabanayagam 
O/L or SSC Batch: 1975  
Last Name:Sabanayagam
First Name:Sathiyaseelan
Known As :Saththi
Current City:Toronto
Current Country:Canada
Place of Origin in Ceylon:Thumpalai - point pedro
To E-mail Mr. Sathiyaseelan Sabanayagam:
Phone:(416) 7508034
Highest level of education:College Diploma
Studied in Hartley College:From 1972 to 1979
The Class Division:A
House :Paulpillai
Register No :-
Index No :8416
Additional Info :18 years experience as a teacher(English Trained-Peradeniya)& worked 8 years at Hartley;arrived&got Toronto on 24th September 2005.Seeking part-time job& hoping to get assistance from beloved Hartlyites ;-(see detail on page 3 of HCPPA-Canadanewsletter); a committee member of HCPPA Point Pedro; -HCPPA-Canada membership no:M415.
Information Entered:Oct. 17, 2005     11:33:52
Information Last Updated:Oct. 17, 2005     11:33:52
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