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Mrs. Thambiayah Nagamuthu
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Mr. Ramalingham Vallipuram
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   :: 15th Anniversary of Hartley College Global Website  
November 07, 2013

It gives us great pleasure to mark and celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the official launch of Hartley College Global Website, which has become well-known around the world for connecting Hartleyites and world-wide HCPPAs, for sharing many stories and for supporting the College. On this day 15 years ago, we officially launched the Hartley College Global Website from Toronto, Canada.

The mission of the Hartley College Global Website is to promote and support the Hartley College, her students and her alumni, and to nurture the long standing ties of Hartleyites among them and with their Alma Mater by using the Internet on a global scale, in addition to function as an effective communication and information sharing tool among the College, her students and her alumni.

We have been successful in our mission so far. As of today, about 2109 Hartleyites registered their information in our online database from 40 different countries. Thousands of Hartleyites visit the website every month looking for information about Hartley College, her PPAs and Hartleyites. Hartleyites sent thousands of emails using our First-Contact email utility. Hundreds of HCPPA events were announced via the website and its emailing-lists, which have been growing steadily. 164 obituary notices of Hartleyites and their relatives were posted on the website.

Remarkably the Hartley College Global Website has been up and running without any disruption for the past fifteen years. The website contains enormous amount of useful information about the college, her PPAs, her HCPPA Trust, her teachers and students.

Integral to the success of our website is the dedicated volunteers who have helped us to reach where we are now. First and foremost is our Webteam, consisting of Mr. S. Sivaananthan, Dr. S. Anpalagan, Mr. P. Suthakar, Mr. S. Mathialagan, and Mr. N. Nandan. We also would like to thank all the volunteers, consisting of Mr. Kalathan, Mr. Harendra, Mr. N. Mohan and Mr. Velalahan, who helped us in bringing the web site up and launching in 1998. Our representatives in each HCPPAs around the Globe have made great contribution to the success of this website.

We would like to acknowledge HCPPA Ottawa Division for their initiative of the website project and the world wide HCPPAs and the HCPPA Trust for their moral support since the inception of the website. HCPPA Canada & USA does voluntarily support our website financially by paying one fourth of the domain/hosting expenses annually since 1998. They helped us to officially launch the Hartley College Global Website on their 10th Annual HCPPA Canada Hartleyites' Nite on November 07, 1998.

We will continue to provide services to Hartleyites through the Hartley College Global Website. To mark this anniversary, minor face-lifting of the website was performed to re-arrange the information for easy navigation and use. In order to capitalize with the trend, Hartley College Global Website is already on the social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the face-lifting, the Global Website got a new logo. Logo includes the shield of Hartley College to show the relationship of the website with its Alma-mater, a Globe to depict the global nature of the website, and the global existence of Hartleyites with Hartleyites standing united around the globe in support of their Alma-mater.

We also launch two funding initiatives: (i) Hartley Global Web College Fund to have an avenue for the Hartleyites to contribute to the college projects and (ii) Hartley Global Web Expense Fund to fund the expenses of Hartley College Global Website. Advance thanks for the generosity of Hartleyites like you in contributing to these funds.

We are also planning to perform a major change in the website and its backend programs in the near future so that information can be updated/uploaded by Hartleyites and HCPPAs themselves more easily with minimum delay. We are also planning to include information on our past and present teachers and a photo gallery of Hartley College, for which Hartleyites can contribute. We will also work more closely with the College.

We value your feedback, welcome your suggestions and solicit your contribution to provide Hartleyites and Hartley College with improved services and to make the website as one of the best tools to support our Alma Mater.

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