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   :: Message from Mr. M. Nadarajasundaram  
October 25, 2003

On behalf of the Hartley College, Past Pupils Association, Parent Body, Point Pedro Sri Lanka, I have great pleasure to send this message to the web team, Hartley & Hartley for their fifth anniversary of the official launching of the web site.

The web site was launched on November 07, 1998 in Toronto, Canada by the web team with the initiative from HCPPA - Ottawa division. When I was invited to Canada by the PPA for their 'Kalai Vizha' in 1999, I got an opportunity to visit the web site and meet the web team in Toronto, Canada.

We have passed the industrial age and living in the information/digital age in the new millennium. Information Communication technology (ICT) is ruling us in every movement in our life. The available information is transmitted within seconds to all part of the world. I must congratulate our webteam for their timely initiative to create this website and provide information to all active old boys who are interested in knowing what is happening at Hartley College. All over the world, past pupils have become very dynamic during the last three or four years perhaps due to the availability of our performances in the website. I am certain that the website has contributed considerably towards this awakening.

I greatly appreciate and record my sincere gratitude for the true sense of commitment and dedication of the members of the web team in sustaining the renowned status of our alma mater.

I congratulate for your excellent achievement for the last five years and hope this will prolong for many years and be an important database for the alma mater.

I convey my love and wish good luck to all.

M. Nadarajasundaram
President, HCPPA Parent Body H/C Point Pedro
Dean Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce
University of Jaffna
Sri Lanka.

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