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Ceylon Universities
    Jaffna-University of Jaffana

University of Moratuwa

    Department of Computer Science And Engineering postmaster@cse.mrt.ac.lk
    Department of Electrical Engineering postmaster@elect.mrt.ac.lk
    Department of Electronics and Telecom. Engineering postmaster@ent.mrt.ac.lk
    Department of Building Economics  
    Department of Mechanical Engineering postmaster@mech.mrt.ac.lk
    Department of Civil Engineering postmaster@civil.mrt.ac.lk
    Dept. of Textile and Clothing Tech. textiled@mail.ac.lk
  1. University of Colombo
  2. Institute of Computer Technology postmaster@ict.cmb.ac.lk
    Department of Statistics and Computer Science postmaster@dscs.cmb.ac.lk
    Dept of Physics postmaster@phy.cmb.ac.lk
    Dept of Parasitology postmaster@parasit.cmb.ac.lk
    Dept. of Pharmacology postmaster@pharm.cmb.ac.lk
    Dept. of Clinical Medicine shyam@sri.lanka.net
    Centre for the study of Human Rights postmaster@cshr.cmb.ac.lk
  3. University of Ruhuna
  4. Faculty of Science postmaster@ruh.ac.lk
  5. University of Peradeniya
  6. Faculty of Engineering postmaster@eng.pdn.ac.lk
    Dept. of Electrical Eng. postmaster@ee.pdn.ac.lk
    Faculty of Arts postmaster@arts.pdn.ac.lk
    Faculty of Agriculture postmaster@agri.pdn.ac.lk
    Faculty of Science postmaster@sci.pdn.ac.lk
    Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture postmaster@pgia.pdn.ac.lk
  7. University of Kelaniya
  8. Faculty of Science postmaster@kln.ac.lk
    Faculty of Medicine postmaster@mfac.kln.ac.lk
    Language Department postmaster@bhasha.kln.ac.lk
    Postgraduate Institute of Archeology postmaster@postarc.ac.lk
    Library postmaster@library.kln.ac.lk
  9. University of Sri Jayawardenapura
  10. Department of Physiology postmaster@physio.sjp.ac.lk
    all others postmaster@sjp.ac.lk
  11. Eastern University postmaster@eastu.esn.ac.lk
  12. Open University of Sri Lanka postmaster@ou.ac.lk
  13. University Grants Commission (UGC) postmaster@ugc.ac.lk
  14. Sir John Kothalawala Defence Academy postmaster@kda.ac.lk
  15. Institute of Technological Studies postmaster@its.ac.lk
  16. Informatics Institute of Computer Studies postmaster@iics.ac.lk
  17. Royal Institute, Colombo. postmaster@royins.ac.lk
Research and Development Institutions:
Natural Resources Energy and Science Authority (NARESA) postmaster@naresa.ac.lk
Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture postmaster@deptag.ac.lk
Sri Lanka Standards Institute postmaster@slsi.ac.lk
Institute of Fundamental Studies postmaster@ifs.ac.lk
Arthur C Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies accmt@mail.ac.lk
Ceylon Institute of Scientific & Industrial Research postmaster@cisir.ac.lk
National Engineering Research & Development Centre nerd@mail.ac.lk
Rice Research & Development Institute postmaster@rrdi.ac.lk
Sugar Cane Research Institute postmaster@sugar.ac.lk
Tea Research Institute postmaster@tri.ac.lk
National Library of Sri Lanka postmaster@natlib.ac.lk
Institute for Tropical Environmental Studies postmaster@ites.ac.lk
Computer and Information Technology Council of Sri Lanka postmaster@cintec.ac.lk
Computer Society of Sri Lanka postmaster@cssl.ac.lk
Ministry of Trade postmaster@trade.ac.lk
Institute of Policy Studies postmaster@ips.ac.lk
Centre for Society and Religion postmaster@cfsr.ac.lk
Regional Centre for Strategic Studies postmaster@rcss.ac.lk
International Centre for Ethnic Studies postmaster@ices.ac.lk
EMACE Foundation emace@slt.lk.
Department of Animal Production and Health postmaster@daph.pdn.ac.lk
Library Services Board postmaster@lsb.ac.lk

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