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Mr. Murugesu Thambiayah
Mrs. Somasuntharam Sakunthaladevi
Mrs. Thambiayah Nagamuthu
Mrs. Atputhamalar Sivasambu
Mr. Ramalingham Vallipuram
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   :: HCPPA of Canada - Life Members  
Ever since the HCPPA Canada was formed Membership was on annual basis. On 13th April 1998, with the dawn of the Tamil New Year, Mr. Sivasothilingam pioneered by becoming the first Life member. By the end of the year Life membership was 23. During 1999 enrolment was very active and by the end of the year it totaled 56. At the moment the life membership stands at 125. We hope more members would join as life members and avoid the hassle of remitting every year $10.00. Life Membership fees are deposited in TERM DEPOSIT and renewed yearly.

  • Please click here to get the form for life-membership or contact the office bearers for more information how to become a life member HCPPA Canadan/USA.

    The list as it stands in May 2002:

    #NamePhone #
    01Dr. Dharma Alagaratnam(630) 985-7285
    02Mr. Pakkiamelkara Alagurajah(416) 289-2602
    03Mr. Markandu Ananthakrishnan(416) 281-6554
    04Mr. Subramanium Anpalagan(416) 492-5318
    05Mr. Murugiah Atputhanathan(416) 439-7696
    06Mr. John Atputharajah(416) 491-6711
    07Mr. Bala Balabaskaran(416) 269-7482
    08Dr. Sivaramalingam Balakrishnan(757) 460-2545
    09Dr. N. Balakrishnan(905) 896-3298
    10Mr. Tharan Chandrasegaram(905) 737-9990
    11Mr. Chinnathurai Chandrasegaram(905) 303-4061
    12Mr. Rohan Chelliah(416) 284-9483
    13Dr. Karu Chinniah(780) 434-1147
    14Mr. Balasundram Dhayananth(905) 612-8113
    15Mr. Velupillai Easwaranathan(416) 756-1575
    16Mr. Chandrasegaram Esparan(613) 829-9364
    17Dr. Victor. J. Figurado(905) 206-1966
    18Dr. Murugesu Gajapathy(201) 784-9696
    19Mr. Kanapathiepillai Ganachandran(905) 457-4098
    20Mr. Ramachandran Ganeshan(905) 201-8288
    21Mr. Seevaratnam Gopalakrishnan(416) 754-7844
    22Mr. Sangarapillai Gunanayagam(408) 578-6645
    23Mr. R. A. Iruthayanathan(859) 273-8324
    24Dr. Kathirawel Iswara(718) 448-4654
    25Mr. A. Ithayanesan(416) 297-7776
    26Mr. Poniah Jeevananthan(416) 674-0611
    27Mr. K. Jeganathan(416) 756-1875
    28Dr. Nagalingam Jeyalingam(914) 965-6969
    29Mr. C Jeyamohan(732) 274-0536
    30Mr. Ronald Jeyaseelan(905) 628-0498
    31Mr. Sethar Kanapathipillai(-)
    32Mr. Socalingam Krishnalingam(416) 963-8591
    33Mr. Rajaratnam Kuberarajan(416) 502-1423
    34Mr. Kanesapillai Kuganesan(905) 513-8715
    35Mr. C. J. Kumaradas(-)
    36Dr. Ramasamy Mahadevan(805) 945-5535
    37Mr. George sebes Mahendrakumar(416) 783-6349
    38Mr. Nagalingam Mahendram(416) 650-1213
    39Mr. Sivagnanasundaram Maheswaran(416) 495-8246
    40Mr. Subramanium Mannivannan(416) 783-8242
    41Mr. Curunathan Manohana(416) 449-7913
    42Mr. Wijeratnam Manoharan(416) 285-7423
    43Mr. Rajamaniccam Mathavan(905) 477-8825
    44Mr. N Muruganandan(416) 695-3998
    45Mr. Anantha andy Muthiah(905) 792-1628
    46Mr. Nallathamby Mylvaganam(416) 267-4303
    47Mr. Subramanium Nagendrarajah(416) 335-4804
    48Mr. Santhirasegaram Nanthakumar(416) 332-0868
    49Mr. Vadivelu Navakumar(905) 885-0072
    50Mr. K. Navaratnam(416) 636-8724
    51Mr. Balasingam Paranthaman(905) 277-2774
    52Mr. Mathuram Pathmanathan(416) 439-5995
    53Mr. Nagalingam Pathmanathan(905) 472-9185
    54Mr. Selvavadivel Ponnusamy(416) 291-1528
    55Mr. Sathirakulasingam Premkumar(905) 669-0513
    56Mr. C. J. Premraj(-)
    57Mr. Nagaratnam Rabindran(416) 752-3878
    58Mr. Kanagaratnam Rabindranath(416) 265-0832
    59Mr. Kopalu Rajaratnam(416) 502-1423
    60Mr. Kandasamy Rajavarothayam(416) 534-8373
    61Mr. Rasalingam Rajeswaran(905) 896-7982
    62Mr. Karthigesu Ramachandran(905) 201-8288
    63Mr. Santhirasegaram Ramachandran(416) 246-9573
    64Mr. S Ramesh(905) 612 0394
    65Mr. Nagaratnam Rathakrishnan(416) 291-2040
    66Mr. V. K. Ravindran(781) 391-6922
    67Dr. Arulpragasam Ravindran(705) 264-3480
    68Dr. D. S. Rev. Dharmapalan(508) 473-4252
    69Mr. Santhirasegaram Sabapathiepillain(416) 289-8974
    70Mr. Sivanathan Sadagoban(905) 803-0685
    71Mr. Velautham Sakthivel(416) 283-9702
    72Mr. Rajaratnam Sampanthan(416) 741-3148
    73Dr. J. C. P. Samuel(607) 563-3334
    74Mr. Sivaguru Santhirasegaram(905) 738-1457
    75Mr. Sinnathamby Sathiyamoorthy(416) 289-2788
    76Mr. Narayanasamy Senthivel(416) 979-9700
    77Mr. Vinayagampillai Shanmuganayagam(905) 305-1958
    78Dr. Ambalavanar Shanmugavadivel(416) 293-0966
    79Dr. Sathurukulasingam Shanthikumar(905) 785-0483
    80Mr. Ananthan Shelliah(416) 249-0576
    81Mr. Sinnathamby Sivakuamaran(905) 305-6160
    82Mr. Amirthalingam Sivakumar(416) 752-5183
    83Mr. Kanaganathan Sivamohan(416) 425-3208
    84Mr. Sabaratnam Sivaananthan(613) 723-2218
    85Mr. K. Sivanathan(905) 803-0685
    86Mr. Mylvaganam Sivanathan(416) 754-7359
    87Mr. Ganeshapillai Sivaneshan(416) 298-8497
    88Mr. Nadarajah Sivapalan(416) 746-0307
    89Mr. Sivapatham Sivapalaratnam(416) 335-8162
    90Mr. Pugal Sivapatham(416) 289-0847
    91Mr. Surendranathan Sivarajah(416) 287-7903
    92Mr. sivapragasam Sivaramalingam(905) 670-5364
    93Dr. Vadivelu Sivaraman(410) 461-2429
    94Mr. Sivapragasam Sivasothilingam(905) 275-1821
    95Mr. Cumarasamy Skandaranayagam(416) 332-0992
    96Dr. Vadivelu Santhakumar(905) 273-6895
    97Dr. Ambalavanar Somaskanda(716) 872-5301
    98Dr. Muthuthamby Sreetharan(301) 320-6344
    99Mr. Mike Sritharan(416) 293-9163
    100Mr. Saravanamuthu Srivamadevan(905) 780-9837
    101Mr. Vinayagamoorthy Sundramoorthy(416) 293-9310
    102Mr. S Thangarajah(416) 439-9211
    103Dr. Arulananthan Thangaroopan(905) 770-3350
    104Mr. Sivanathan Thayaparan(905) 803-0865
    105Mr. Thangavelautham Thayaparan(718) 498-7213
    106Mr. K. Thevakumar(716) 264-1908
    107Mr. Thirunavukarasu Thevakumar(416) 292-2319
    108Mr. Sadian Thevarayan(416) 267-9704
    109Mr. Thirunavukarasu Thiruchelvam(416) 751-3811
    110Mr. Shanmuganathan Umakanthan(416) 614-8278
    111Mr. Anton Uthiyakumar(416) 502-1869
    112Mr. Jayaraman Vadivelu(905) 787-0136
    113Mr. Logan Velumailum(416) 410-1620
    114Mr. Kandiah Vicknarajah(416) 297-5400
    115Mr. Nagamany Vijayaratnam(718) 359-3453
    116Dr. Pathmanathan Vivekananthan(416) 492-6019
    117Mr. Kandiah Vivekananthavel(416) 752-1237
    118Mr. Kulathungam Wijeyathungam(905) 201-8614
    119Mr. Ravikathiravel Yoganathan(416) 755-2230
    120Dr. C. Yogeswaran(905) 279-4909
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