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Sept. 2004

While visitors to Hartley were looking at various aspects of raising the image of Hartley by putting up Auditorium, etc, a reconnaissance visit by Treasurer Mr. Rajeswaran, forced the Association to look at another urgent aspect namely providing the basic facilities to enable the pupils and teachers to impart education which is the priority at the moment. The committee requested Mr. Atputhanathan to devote part of his holiday in Jaffna to collect all the necessary information to provide decent tables and chairs to all class rooms, to update the facilities of the laboratories to enable the teachers to provide their best and to come up with a plan for the new Library that is being built to install a basic workable environment in keeping with latest Information technology.

Canadian Hartleyite
Sept. 2004

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The result of Mr Atputhanathan’s study led to the committee urgently undertaking the task of providing the student tables and chairs to 10 classrooms of the Advanced level classes as a priority as these students are now made to sit on chairs that are suitable for small children. It was estimated that each AL classroom needs 35 tables and chairs( the number projected for a period of ten years). There are ten classrooms , five in grade 12 and five in grade 13. The estimated cost at the present rate for a pair of table and chair is around CD $35.00 and to provide the furniture for a classroom the cost will be around CD $ 1225.00. The committee is considering various options of getting this done. In the meantime we are appealing to Hartleyites in Canada and USA to think of taking over furnishing a classroom either individually or jointly. Please think of it as a service to the school that made us what we are today. It is costing you only CD $ 3.50 a day.

If we provide this 350 sets of student furniture, those that are now in these classes can be used to replace desks and chairs that we used in 1950s and are in a very bad state.

The situation of the Laboratories is not so bad as some have expressed. First Priority is to re-establish the Biology Laboratory that is now being used as Audio Visual Room. All three laboratories need a complete set of water taps and sinks; gas taps, burners and gas cylinders; shelves for biology laboratory; teachers table and platform and replacement of old and outdated equipments.

It should be noted that contrary to the general impression the teachers at present in Hartley in general and science teachers in particular are doing their best with all these shortcomings. We must appreciate the good work they are doing and provide the basic necessities to do better. The teachers’ good work is reflected in the results of Ol and AL. An analysis of this as given by the Vice Principal, Mr.N Gunaseelan is given elsewhere in this Newsletter.

The Library that was burnt down is functioning in a makeshift room with meager books, scarce reference material and periodicals. The present building though small, being built with ADB aid, once completed needs furnishing which is not in the ADB aid. This library once completed will also need an additional room for equipping with computer. In addition it needs a large injection of relevant books and periodicals along with internet facilities.

Hartley College Trust has been informed of these basic needs and they have appealed to HCPPA Canada &USA to take over furnishing the classrooms and they said that they will solicit the cooperation of other branches to help in the other two areas.

Mr. Atputhanathan also met the secretary to the Ministry of Education, North and East, Mr.R. Thiyagalingam, who is an Old boy of Hartley, at Trincomelee and briefed him of the plight of Hartley. He promised to help in furnishing the Library and equipping the Laboratory.

There are two other buildings that have been given to Hartley namely a two story building to house 12 classrooms and an environmental laboratory. These two are in the process of being built. For more details on Hartley read the Hartley Year book of this year at the Hartleyites Nite.

The computer learning center with about 20 computers donated by the government and situated in the front part of the College caught fire probably around the air conditioning unit on May 3rd 2004. Four computers were damaged, the rest 16 have to undergo slight repairs and awaiting government handling. It should be noted that the few computers donated mainly by HCPPA, UK and others are safe and in working condition. These are planned to be used in the proposed new library.
Pooranampillai block situated closer to the turret adjoining the former magistrate house boundary had caved in beams due to bombs falling on it and it is not worth propping it up and endangering the lives of children and needs demolition.
Suggestion was made that the former tennis court be temporarily covered and converted into a make shift auditorium. This appears to be not a good idea as it will not only give the college a bad look but will cut off ventilation and lighting to classrooms around it. The present arrangement of temporarily using the upper floor of the new classroom block would be the suitable alternative.
Courtesy: Canadian Hartleyite - Sept. 2004
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