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February 02, 2004

Dear Hartleyites and Friends

Yep, its that time of year when you are thinking, here we go again ... Firstly, The Executive Committee would like to wish you all a prosperous, happy and trouble free year 2004.

Yet another year passed off quickly and it was a sad year too in two aspects. One, we have lost many of our colleagues’ loved ones and the other; our AGM/dinner did not go according our expectation. However, we have to move on. We had our first Executive Committee meeting on 17th January 2004. It was a constructive meeting. We are thinking of publishing the minutes of the meeting on the website. This year we are going to see some changes, and a different approach hopefully for the better.

  • Membership
  • Events
  • Kalai Vasantham
  • Film Show
  • AGM/Dinner
  • HCPPA Trust
  • Puttalai School Fund

    ^ Membership
    We would like to increase the membership subscription this year by at least 10%. Please join as early as possible and be part of the Association. Membership application form is attached with this letter. If you require additional application forms, they can be downloaded from our website ( or contact one of our executive members. As most of you will be aware that there are a number of ex-Hartleyites, who are not currently members of HCPPA (UK). There are people who have been members in the past and have left the Association for a number of reasons. I appeal to you all to join (re-join) the association.

    ^ Events
    This year we have planned to hold 5 events. This may be little too ambitious but we are optimistic. The planned dates are given below and will be posted on the website soon. Please give your wholehearted support for all the events.
    Event Planned Date for 2004 Venue Comment
    Kalai Vasantham 27th March Preston Manor High School, Wembley Confirmed
    Gala Day 3rd July Northwick Park Grounds To be confirmed
    Film Show 18th September Harrow Safari TheatreStation Road, Harrow To be confirmed
    AGM 13th November Not finalised To be confirmed
    Dinner 4th December Not finalised To be confirmed

    ^ Kalai Vasantham
    Over the last few years we did not have our cultural programme, namely “Kalai Vasantham “ due to various reasons. This year we have decided to bring it back. If any old Hartleyites or their children would like to participate, please let me know before 20th February 2004. It will be a variety cultural programme. If anyone would like to purchase tickets for “Kalai Vasantham”, please contact any of the Executive Members. Family ticket £20, Single tickets £6 under 5 free. Gala Day Last year we arranged a day trip to Isle of Wight, and this year we are having a Gala Day instead. There will be no additional cost to any participants or supporters for the event; however, a nominal charge of £2.00 per car will be levied on each car entering the grounds. Please give your full support. The programme is as follows:
    1. Over 40 Cricket match - Hartley College Vs St. Johns College
    2. Triangular Football Match
    3. Netball Match
    4. Girls Football – Exhibition Match

    ^ Film Show
    Mr. Suthaharan and Mr. Maheswaran have kindly agreed to get a film for us to screen and benefit from the funds raised. The date and the cinema are fixed, however ticket price has not been set yet. Please come and give your support to collect some funds for our school.

    ^ AGM/Dinner
    Looking back at our AGM/Dinner 2003, it did not go according to our expectation. Most of you are aware and witnessed the unpleasant and ugly scenes that took place at the last AGM. Few members’ behaviour was appalling and some of the actions were even appeared to be premeditated. There were many non-Hartleyites present as guests at our dinner and they also witnessed the unpleasant scenes. The current Executive Committee have discussed and debated the last AGM issues at the meeting and came to the conclusion to have the next AGM and Dinner on different dates. If the AGM is to be on a different day, it will enable us to have more time to discuss and debate the issues thoroughly. Traditionally, the AGM and Dinner are held on the same day, however we do not want the events of last AGM repeated and spoil our good name. I have been reminded not to violate the constitution but not the tradition. Breaking tradition is always permitted if it is for a good reason. Therefore we will have the AGM on the second Saturday of November as stated in the constitution and the dinner will be moved to December.

    ^ HCPPA Trust
    Most of you are aware about Hartley College Past Pupils Association Trust. This was created in July 2002 and started to take shape and now it is a registered organisation. I do not want to go back and explain how it was developed and came to this situation. In December 2003 there was a revised deed of covenant floated around for comments. I have been told at a later date, there was a deadline for the comments. However the final deed will be posted on the website soon. Executive Committee has some concerns with regard to certain clauses of the deed. The Committee has asked Mr.C. Sithamparapillai to look into this matter. There are differences of opinion among HCPPA members around the world, with regards to this Trust. Our constitution is not clear on this matter.

    ^ Puttalai School Fund
    Last year’s Executive Committee, as promised collected £800 at the AGM/Dinner 2003 as part of our contribution for Puttalai Mathiya Maha Vidiyalayam. This is a very good achievement. We sincerely thank you all for your generosity on that day. Since then last year’s President contacted the School and agreed to donate a photocopier machine. The current Executive Committee Secretary and the Secretary of Board of Trustees are visiting Point Pedro in February 2004 and will make the necessary arrangements to deliver the said equipment.

Herewith attached a message from Shanti Arulanantham (Daughter of K.Pooranampillai), and membership application form. If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to write to me or any of the members of the Executive Committee. I trust that whatever has set out is good for our Alma Mater and to foster greater closer relationship with the members of the association in order we could effectively, collectively and individually do our part to keep Hartley’s flag flying.

I hope to see you all on 27th March 2004 at “Kalai Vasantham”.

Yours sincerely,

T. Sivagurunathan
President - HCPPA(UK)

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