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"Pooranampillai Memorial Fund" New
HCPPA (UK) has estabilshed 'Pooranampillai Memorial Fund' in benefit of education and facilities at Hartley college.

For further details, please contact our treasurer:

Mr. S. Balasingam
Phone : 020 8470 1818

... Mr. S. Manoharan (President, HCPPA UK)

Mr. Kanapathipillai Pooranampillai (age 91), former Principal of Hartley College, has passed away on Apr. 22, 2001 in UK. His Funeral services were held on Saturday, April 28th in Folkestone, U.K.

A Thanks Giving Service for the life of the Late Mr. Pooranampillai will be held on Sunday May 13, 2001 at 6:30 p.m. local time in London-U.K.

Mr. Pooranampillai is survived by his wife Peace (U.K.); son Jeyakumar (Sri Lanka); two daughters Shanthi (U.K.), and Vasanthi (U.K.); two sons-in-law Dr A. Arulanantham (U.K.), Dr Karunakaran (U.K.).

It would be proper to refer to Mr. K. Pooranampillai's period as the beginning of the 'golden era' in the History of Hartley College.

We express our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Mr. Pooranampillai.

May his soul rest in peace!
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  • Message from Mr. K. P. to 1993 HCPPA-Canada Kalai Vizha Malar New
    "As the dispersed people in different parts of the world, we must first fit ourselves into the societies in which we find ourselves, as for example, by accepting their work ethic. Then, we must preserve some of our values - respect for elders, sanctity of the institution of marriage, our arts of music and dance. Parents must ensure their children speak Tamil, read and write it, and themselves set the example by studying the classics like the Kural. (more)" ... Mr. K. Pooranampillai in 1993.
    Popular Headmaster Passes Away, Aged 92. New
    One of Jaffna's most respected high school principals, Mr. Kanapathipillai Pooranampillai passed away at his London residence on Sunday April 22. He was 92. The funeral was held on April 28 at St. John's Church, Folkestone.

    Mr. Pooranampillai is survived by his wife Peace; son Jeyakumar; two daughters Shanthi, and Vasanthi. He was principal of Hartley College, Point Pedro - 1943 - 1967 and St. Johns College, Jaffna -1967 - 1976.

    An obituary for Pooranampillai, written by Mr. K. T. Rajasingham was published on Hartley College's website.'A towering, genteel fatherly figure is no more with us. Let his soul Rest in Peace,' it said. 'He had a gifted memory, would identify anyone, name them, would address them, and would ask about the concerned person's father, mother and brothers - almost all of them would have been his past students.' (More from TamilGuardian - May 02)

    Hartley past principal's funeral held in UK New
    Mr. K. Pooranampillai, 92, a former principal of Hartley College, Point Pedro (1943-1967), and later at St. Johns College, Jaffna (1967-1976), affectionately known as KP, passed away in UK at his daughter's residence on 22 April. His funeral took place in Falkstone, Kent on Saturday. Many past pupils of Hartley College now resident in UK attended his funeral. During Pooranampillai's tenure Hartley College attained national status as a premier academic institution producing quality students to medical, engineering and arts faculties. All parents in Vadamaradchy wished their sons and daughters to study under KP's guidance. Old Hartleyites have been expressing their condolences in the college web-site ( (More from TamilNet)
    Mr. K. Pooranampillai - Principal Emeritus New
    "The greatest use of a life is to use it for something that will outlast it". These simple yet inspiring words of a sage sprang to our mind when we heard that Mr. K. Pooranampillai had passed away in UK on Sunday 22nd April 2001.

    A recollection of his life that spanned nine decades reveals that those words had been his motto. The excellent use he made of it has earned him a permanent niche in our heritage as a distinguished Principal and educationist in Sri Lanka ...By Mr. P. Balasingam (More)

    Obituary - Nonagenarian K. Pooranampillai - Fiat Lux
    We mourn the death Mr. Kanapathipillai Pooranampillai - 92, our beloved emeritus principal of Hartley College, Point Pedro - 1943 - 1967 and St. Johns College, Jaffna -1967 - 1976. He passed away quietly at his residence in England, last Sunday. A towering, genteel fatherly figure is no more with us. Let his soul Rest in Peace. Right throughout my life, I have proudly declared that I am the student of K. P, who instilled in me true sense of knowledge, life and of the world. I had a long love-hate association with him. The last time I saw him was when I was the Manager of Lake House Jaffna in 1974. (More)
    Hartley College completes 160 years of service to education - July 1998
    It would be proper to refer to Mr. K. Pooranampillai's period as the beginning of the 'golden era' in the History of Hartley College. He had made the College a place for the acquisition of skills necessary for life. In order to achieve this objective, he widened the scope for extra curricular activities and formed school societies. This led to the people gaining experience and opportunities to undertake responsibilities in later life ... (More)
    Mr. Pooranampillai, The principal of Harltey College
    Mr. Pooranampillai was the Principal of Hartley College from 1943 to 1967, which is considered as a "golden era" of Hartley College. Later he accepted an invitation from the Jaffna St. John's College, where he served as Principal for nine years, making his mark there also, as an administrator and educationist ... (More)
    Obituary note by HCPPA-Colombo on Daily News (SL)
    Mr. K. Pooranampillai, beloved husband of Peace (U.K.), loving father of Shanthi (U.K.), Jeyakumar (Sri Lanka) and Vasanthi (U.K.), father-in-law of Dr A. Arulanantham (U.K.), late Dilo (nee Kulathungam), Dr Karunakaran (U.K.), passed away in London on 22.04.2001. (More)
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