Message from the President (Feb. 2001)
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Date: 19 February 2001

Dear Hartleyite,

Let there be spirit for Hartley

The committee for the current year has pleasure in writing to you and extends the very best wishes. We are as enthusiastic as ever for Hartley and hope that at the end of 2001 we will be able to look back and say that this has been a year of many achievements. Surely we can do this with your help and support.

Our main objective for the year will be to identify the present needs of our alma mater, prioritise them and with the support of our members and through the continuous good work of our trustees address the most pressing of them. This is the primary reason why our association exists.

We hope the events we plan to organise for the year as listed below will help to renew and strengthen old friendships and indeed forge new links between Hartleyites.

We will also try to build closer contacts with other Hartley Past Pupils Associations abroad and their members.

Events planned for this year are as follows.

July 2001 - Sports day - Date to be announced

Saturday 10th November 2001 - AGM and Annual Dinner.

There will be two Newsletters published in April and October.

It will be our pleasure to receive your contributions, comments and views on matters of interest to our membership and indeed to all fellow Hartleyites.

Finally, enclosed herewith is the membership application and subscription form. Please could you deal with it promptly, your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

We will of course be in touch with you throughout the year and we thank you in advance for your support.

On behalf of Executive Committee,

S.E.Manoharan, President.

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